Distributed Client-Server Architecture for Project Aleron.

Client-Server Architecture

Hey guys, in this months article we show you our client-server architecture in Project Aleron and give you valuable tips for networking in games 😉 Our Client-Server Architecture Project Aleron’s Client-Server architecture consists of a Loginserver, a …

The four testing equipment slots for Project Aleron.

Items and Skills in Project Aleron

Hey guys, in our previous articles we told you how we decided to use jMonkey Engine and why we use it. Today we will get back to talking about the game itself again. We want to show …

Screenshot of Project Aleron's combat UI.

Why we use jMonkeyEngine

Hey guys, Some people asked us why we chose jMonkeyEngine 3 (we call it jMonkey) for our Project Aleron. Especially because we collected experience with Unity in the last months. Today we will compare jMonkey with Unity from our point …

The three modes of Project Aleron's map editor.

Project Aleron’s Map Editor

Hey guys, last time we showed you the video below of our map editor and promised to share more details on it. This topic is a little technical, so we will try to link tutorials/wikipedia where useful. …

An early combat in Project Aleron.

Project Aleron

Project Aleron started off in 2012 as an effort to improve our programming skills and aim very high: A turn-based MMORPG.
From 2012 to 2016, we developed a Prototype using jMonkeyEngine3.
While jMonkeyEngine was great and did not give us any performance problems, it has one vital weakness: The asset pipeline.
jMonkeyEngine has trouble importing proprietary 3D model formats. While this is not jMonkeyEngine’s fault, it was a burden to our development.

For this and various minor reasons we decided to reboot the development using Unity in January 2017.
Also, the first goal of Project Aleron is a single player roguelike tactical RPG, as it requires far less assetts and pure design work.

An early combat in Project Aleron.

Introducing Project Aleron

Three Students take their chance at an MMORPG Hello, we are BrutalHack and today we would like to introduce you to our Team and our Project Aleron. In this post we will tell you a little …