The protagonist of Wanz Upon A Time.

Wanz Upon A Time

The goal is to jump into the portal and thus reach the next level. The bug can only jump and release its body parts in the air in order to block the gears.


Main move is to fling the bug “angrybirds-style”.

If the bug is in the air, you can click to drop a part of its body (it has 6 parts).


‘R’ = restart

‘ESC’ = close the game

The protagonist of Same Procedure as Last Jam.

Same Procedure As Last Jam

Designed for android devices with accelerometer and swipe controls

Our local jamsite’s last theme was “strange rituals”. The GGJ16’s theme is “ritual”.

Our protagonist is a gamedev, who is¬†too late for the next gamejam and cannot wait to hear the next jam’s theme ūüėČ

All assets were created during the jam.

Love the art? Check out Stefanie’s portfolio here:


Drag the person to avoid trees.

If something appear on the screen, click on it.

Simple overview of evolutionary algorithms.

Our Experiment Design

Hey guys, our SARSA-based learning AI is making great progress! We have our first experiment results and have begun further tweaking of our experiment setups. As our experiments all follow a common non-trivial setup,¬†we thought …

Solving the puzzle in The Art of Homunculi.

The Art of Homunculi

In order to bring back a loved one from the dead, you turn to forbidden alchemy.

By solving smaller puzzles you get additional hints to solve the large mystery of resurrecting a human being.

Source code available at Github (GPL3):

Tested on: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, Windows Phone 8.1, WebGL


Drag and drop the symbols on the altar spots.

Create four connections between the spots by click and drag.

Click ‘Validate’ if you think that you are done.


‚ÄėESC‚Äô = close the¬†game


Picture of the different platforms BrutalHack develops for.

How to Develop for Cross-Platform

Hey guys, the current work on our learning AI for¬†Project Aleron¬†is coming along nicely, but we won’t have anything exciting to show you until next month. We have a big update coming! In the meanwhile, …

A swarm of enemies in Flying Weapon.

Flying Weapon

Hey guys,

Flying Weapons is a cross-platform 2d shoot-em-up in a 3d world.
It is designed and tested with XBox Controllers and Android Phones with Accelerometers.

Keyboard Controls: You shoot with left mouse button or left ctrl.

This game is 100% “Made in Unity on Linux”.
This was one buggy ride (Unity Editor for linux is in Alpha).
That’s also the reason why I didn’t¬†have a web version immediately after the jam.

I managed to make the game I wanted to, but the boss fight didn’t make it in time. I’m still somewhat happy with the result.

Pathfinding using SARSA(Lambda).

Implementing our Learning AI

Hey guys, we‚Äôre very excited to introduce the initial version of our Machine Learning AI for Project Aleron. We will explain our architecture and how the AI works. We hope to provide an example for …

The SARSA algorithm.

Machine Learning in Games

Hey Guys, our upcoming article will be¬†about¬†our implementation of a learning AI for¬†Project Aleron. As this topic is rather complicated, we¬†wrote up an introduction to machine learning and more particularly reinforcement learning for you all. …