The following prototypes were mostly creating during game jams to try out experimental concepts.

Whispers (GGJ20 Entry)
A Christmas Dream (SecretSantaJam2020 Entry)
Solving the puzzle in The Art of Homunculi.
The Art of Homunculi (IGJam9 Entry)
Plant Stranding (PLAY20Jam Entry)
Homeworld (GGJ19 Entry)
Shroomy Pleasures (GGJ17 Entry)
The protagonist of Wanz Upon A Time.
Wanz Upon A Time (IGJam10 Entry)
Doki Doki Ragnarok (GGJ18 Entry)
You've been Hacked (IGJam11 Entry)
The protagonist of Same Procedure as Last Jam.
Same Procedure as Last Jam (GGJ16 Entry)
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