Resource allocation in Unity's profiler.

Performance Optimization for Unity and Java Developers

Hey guys, in our blog article Implementing our Learning AI we mentioned that we optimized the calculation time for AI battles from 4 seconds to under 100ms! We want to show you how we achieved this and how you can optimize your own games if you develop with Unity or any Java based engine. When should you optimize? …

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The SARSA algorithm.

Machine Learning in Games

Hey Guys, our upcoming article will be about our implementation of a learning AI for Project Aleron. As this topic is rather complicated, we wrote up an introduction to machine learning and more particularly reinforcement learning for you all. Artificial Intelligence in Games Many games offer the possibility to fight computer-controlled enemies (Bots). Bots play by accepting an …

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Distributed Client-Server Architecture for Project Aleron.

Client-Server Architecture

Hey guys, in this months article we show you our client-server architecture in Project Aleron and give you valuable tips for networking in games 😉 Our Client-Server Architecture Project Aleron’s Client-Server architecture consists of a Loginserver, a Database, a number of Gameservers und a lot of clients. At startup the Gameservers connect to the Loginserver. This …

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Screenshot of Project Aleron's combat UI.

Why we use jMonkeyEngine

Hey guys, Some people asked us why we chose jMonkeyEngine 3 (we call it jMonkey) for our Project Aleron. Especially because we collected experience with Unity in the last months. Today we will compare jMonkey with Unity from our point of view and tell you why we chose jMonkey over Unity for this project. We will not compare the …

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An early combat in Project Aleron.

Introducing Project Aleron

Three Students take their chance at an MMORPG Hello, we are BrutalHack and today we would like to introduce you to our Team and our Project Aleron. In this post we will tell you a little something about ourselves and what Project Aleron is all about. The design of our website is still under construction, …

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