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Open Sourcing 9 Game Jam Projects

Today we are releasing the source code to all of our game jam projects on github.
All projects are implemented in Unity and are developed cross-platform, following our Cross-Platform Guidelines.

Our game art of homunculi or several devices.

Game Jam 1o1

We love game jams and we would like to share our passion. Here are some basics to start with. If you have more questions you can find us in discord.

Website relaunch 2017

Hi Guys, It’s been a while since our last article. Last year had many surprises in store for us. We finished our Master’s theses and our time at university. During the writing phase, we found …

Simple overview of evolutionary algorithms.

Our Experiment Design

Hey guys, our SARSA-based learning AI is making great progress! We have our first experiment results and have begun further tweaking of our experiment setups. As our experiments all follow a common non-trivial setup, we thought …

Picture of the different platforms BrutalHack develops for.

How to Develop for Cross-Platform

Hey guys, the current work on our learning AI for Project Aleron is coming along nicely, but we won’t have anything exciting to show you until next month. We have a big update coming! In the meanwhile, …