Doki Doki Ragnarok is coming to Steam

We are excited to announce, that Doki Doki Ragnarok is coming to Steam!

The game will stay available in Early Access via for the remainder of development.
However early-access buyers will also receive steam keys when its released there.

Read below to find out which Steam Features we are working on.
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As we support Windows, macOS and Linux during Early Access, we will also support all operating systems on Steam.
We also intend to support cross-platform cloud save, so you can switch computers without any problems.

We will also support any controllers, mice, keyboards and touch screens that we can find.

Steam Ecosystem

Of course we plan to support some of our favourite Steam features: achievements, trading cards and other profile items.

Our code is already set out to support different achievement backends, so it shouldn’t be too much work to get Steam Achievements running. These will completely replace our built-in achievements popups, if you are playing via Steam.

I personally can’t wait to see Stephanie’s amazing artwork on the Steam Trading Cards and profile items, such as emoticons and profile backgrounds. However, Steam decides which games get to implement profile items.
So fingers crossed, that Valve deems us worthy. Doki Doki Ragnaroks art style should really do well for profile items.

What's Next?

It’s such an amazing feeling to see our first game being publicly listed on Steam.
The next step for us is, of course, to deliver. We’re making some great progress on Sweden and will soon begin polishing parts of the game based on some of your feedback.

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