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I am a software developer, currently working as Head of Development for Sympatient.
I love applying skills learnt in enterprise software development to games, making our code portable and reusable.
Aside from Development, I have a passion for DevOps and also know basic web development.
I maintain our website.

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Whispers is a game about overcoming the five stages of grief.

You explore a ruined dreamscape to put yourself together again. Voices follow you everywhere.
This is a narrative-driven game, with the focus on dialogue and cutscenes.

Title Screen of Homeworld.


Homeworld – Connect with your friends around the world.

Due to MIDI functionality, a web build is impossible.


Doki Doki Ragnarok

Doki Doki Ragnarok – A wealth transmission simulator.

Can you find common battlegrounds with the villages?
Or will you be rejected in favor of a more handsome raiding party?


Unable to login in 'You've been hacked'

You’ve been Hacked!

Let’s see what can happen if someone gets your username and password.
Or much better: let’s simulate it.

You are guided through the story with notifications and can interact with elements by clicking.
Press Alt + F4 to exit the game.

Note: This one was quite ambitious and had to get cut down to finish in time. So expect buggy behavior, sorry!

Movement in Shroomy Pleasures is based on sine waves.

Shroomy Pleasures

This time our entry for the global game jam was all about Unity’s particle systems and trail renderer.
For the art-side we wanted to go for something shroomy, as it is Stefanie’s specialty.

We also chose to implement the Diversifier “Single Button Play”, as this simplicity in controls is a fun limitation.


Press ‘Space’ or tab on the screen to change the fly direction.

If you fly down, press once and you fly up.


‘ESC’ = close the game

The protagonist of Wanz Upon A Time.

Wanz Upon A Time

The goal is to jump into the portal and thus reach the next level. The bug can only jump and release its body parts in the air in order to block the gears.


Main move is to fling the bug “angrybirds-style”.

If the bug is in the air, you can click to drop a part of its body (it has 6 parts).


‘R’ = restart

‘ESC’ = close the game

The protagonist of Same Procedure as Last Jam.

Same Procedure As Last Jam

Designed for android devices with accelerometer and swipe controls

Our local jamsite’s last theme was “strange rituals”. The GGJ16’s theme is “ritual”.

Our protagonist is a gamedev, who is too late for the next gamejam and cannot wait to hear the next jam’s theme 😉

All assets were created during the jam.

Love the art? Check out Stefanie’s portfolio here:


Drag the person to avoid trees.

If something appear on the screen, click on it.