About Us

BrutalHack is an indie game studio based in Hamburg.
Officially founded in 2021, we have been making games as a hobby since 2012.

Core Values


We offer our products for as many platforms as possible.

Fair Working Conditions

We aim to bring "enterprise" work conditions to game development. We want to scale with automation, not with underpaid labor.

Fair & Inclusive User Experience

Our games shall be inclusive, accessible and fair.

Brutal Members

Benjamin Justice

A photograph of Benjamin Justice, Founder of BrutalHack

I am the founder & lead developer here at BrutalHack.
I love applying skills learnt in enterprise software development to games, making our code portable and reusable.
Aside from Development, I have a passion for DevOps, IT-Security and also know basic web development.
I maintain our website.

Brutal Helpers

Our Brutal Helpers are freelancers, with whom we work together very often.
They contribute to most of our games in some way or another

Stefanie Curth

I am a freelance concept artist, illustrator and 2D animator who worked for award winning independent games. Exploring and working with different art styles and media is something that really interests me. I mainly work in Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator but have also experience in After Effects and Blender.

For work inquiries and my portfolio pls look at: stefaniecurth.de.

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